Cult of Addiction

by The Cult of Addiction

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The Cult of Addiction's debut EP.


released January 4, 2014

Recording Engineer: Oliver Thompson
Mixed by Mark McEwen at Underground Studios



all rights reserved


The Cult of Addiction Perth, Australia

The Cult of Addiction are a rock trio from Perth, Western Australia with a high-energy, improvisatory style that contains traces of blues, R&B, alt-rock, jazz-rock and funk.

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Track Name: Walking Away
You say it's a personal choice
A lifestyle
A way for you to be yourself
In your own skin
It's not like your hurting anyone but you
And who am I to judge you?
What the hell would I know anyway?
Well I hope you know my friend
You're not hurting anyone but you

I'm walking away from all this
Every time I look at you, yeah
I die a little more inside

So this personal choice
This lifestyle
Do you know how much it's cost you
Cost your friends?
And how much would you give to keep it?
Now you've gambled with the trust of your loved ones
And you've lost
Can't you see what you have done
See what you've become?
There's so little left of the boy I knew when I met you

I'm walking away from all this
Every time I look at you, yeah
I die a little more inside

You did this to yourself

Open your eyes
Open your mind
Surely even you can see
That you're the one who holds the blame
For you who are and what you'll be
Track Name: She Just Don't Care
I'm walking down the street
And she calls my name
She leaves me here now
Just the same
She knocks me down
Down to that floor
She leaves me wanting so much more

She just don't care

I buy her dinner
But she walks away
She leaves me here now
With nothing to say

I try to call her
But it just ain't fair
No she doesn't
No she just don't care

She don't care about me anymore
She don't care like she did before
And though I should be walking out that door
I keep on coming back for more
Track Name: Dirty Little Secret
If you go looking
Be sure of what you find
'Cause there's a dirty little secret
And your desperate to keep it
And it's stuck inside your mind

I can't tell what's what
'Cause it all just feels the same
When I'm lying in my bed
With the ringing in my head
And I'm calling out your name

I said well baby
Oh no no
You've got to let me go

Be sure not to slip
On the words that you might say
Because the lies that you create
Are sure to make you hate
Until there is no other way

I see you on that floor now
And I can't quite tell why
But when she walks in all my troubles do begin
And I've got to say goodbye

I said well baby
Oh no no
You've got to let me go
Track Name: For You
Wrap your arms around me girl
Hold me close tonight
You can see that I ain't with you just to pass the time
Take me by the hand girl
Look into my eyes
You can see that I am glad I'm yours and you are mine

Move on over here girl
Step into the light
The light that seems to shine much brighter when you're by my side
Those colours that you showed me
Coalescing in the sky
Before I met you girl I saw the world in black and white

'Till a day I can't foresee now girl
When the sky turns a different hue
Want you to be the one for me now girl
And I will be the one for you